Volume 25, no. 3

Killing in the Name Of

Winter 2022/2023

Healing the Wounds of War in Vietnam

War is much more than a memory for Việt people who continue to navigate a landscape of unexploded ordnance and chemical contamination. All wars are fought endlessly in the bodies, minds, and lands of those who are invaded as well as those...

Killing in the Name of Precision

Developed and perfected by Israel and the United States, the use of armed drones has expanded in military operations across the globe. But the geopolitical element of drone technology went back to World War I, and its development reveals...

“I Am a Radical, and So Are You”

During an open-mic comment session at the 2014 SftP conference, when entreated to reconsider using the word “radical,” for fears of misinterpretation and political isolation, Chandler stated unequivocally: “I am a radical, and so are you.”

Olives, Climate Change, and Zionism

The olive branch is more than a symbol of peace. Since ancient times, Palestinians have tended olive trees—pickling some olives and pressing the vast majority into oil. Sit at any Palestinian table and olives will be a mainstay of the meal...

The US Navy and Climate Change

The reality of climate change has long been recognized by the US military, who, as one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide, has been researching its consequences and planning strategies for adaptation at the expenses of reduction and...

Poetry by Ojo Taiye

Beloved, if I titled this poem Yenagoa’s Black / Market, will it bring back my mother’s son? / How long before we discover that the urgency behind / Odi’s mass slaughter is oil rights? 

The Metabolism of Naval Power

The history of British imperialism’s violence against nature and people in present-day Ontario helps contextualize the ongoing Indigenous and anti-colonial struggles today.

Resisting AFRICOM and Beyond

Rose Brewer discusses her work with the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP), a revolutionary organization that seeks to recapture and redevelop the historic antiwar, anti-imperialist, and pro-peace positions of the radical Black movement.

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