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Science for the People is dedicated to building and promoting social movements and political struggles around radical perspectives on science and society.

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A lot has changed in the worlds of science and publishing since Volume 21, Number 2 of Science for the People came off the presses in 1989.  Since that last issue, the absence of such a leading voice for radical science has enabled the dominance and distortion of science by liberal technocrats on the one hand and creationists and climate change deniers on the other.

With the relaunch of of Science for the People, we hope to introduce the principles of radical science to a new generation of activists looking to understand and transform the world around us. In the process, we hope to invigorate the older generation whose contributions over thirty years ago have inspired us to pick up the banner of Science for the People!

The Publications Committee of Science for the People is tasked with publishing the relaunched magazine. Email if you’d like to get involved!

Editorial Collectives:

Each issue of the original Science for the People was curated and edited collectively by a local chapter of Science for the People. This allowed each issue to reflect the unique interests, priorities, and politics of each chapter. The 21st-century Science for the People replicates this—while adding geographical diversity—by assembling a new, geographically-dispersed editorial collective for each issue. The collectives envision, curate, and edit the issue, assisted by a team of volunteer editors, fact-checkers, and designers, and the elected Publisher and Managing Editor.

Issue themes can be scientific topics (Winter 2020’s Bio-Politics; our 2018 special issue on geoengineering), political efforts (A People’s Green New Deal), or other themes combining science and politics (Science Under Occupation; The Return of Radical Science).

Outreach and Development:

This subcommittee of the Publications Committee is responsible for developing relations with other publications, managing SftP’s social media presence and general outreach, coordinating promotion strategies, and and overseeing development initiatives relating to the financial health of the organization’s publishing operations. O&D will regularly interface with the other subcommittees of the Publications Committee, the Steering Committee, and all Officers of the organization.

Circulation and Website:

This part of the Publications Committee is responsible for the design, layout, and circulation infrastructure for all web and print SftP media. This subcommittee will operate with participation from members of the Tech Infrastructure Group and in close collaboration with the Outreach and Development Subcommittee of the Publications Committee.

Editorial and Pipeline:

Inspired by the original Science for the People‘s practice of rotating editorial responsibilities, the Editorial & Pipeline Subcommittee (E&P) is responsible for the delegation of editorial authority and access to the publishing resources of the organization. This subcommittee is responsible for managing the publication’s overall workflow, consistent with Science for the People’s publishing mission