A Future at the End of Time

Nadir Bouhmouch’s breathtaking documentary film Amussu (2019), exemplary of "art from below," breathes life into a counter-archive of Amazigh tradition and immotalizes Imider commune's ongoing anti-extractivist struggles.

On Killing Crocodiles

At the turn of the twentieth century, a small and dwindling crocodile population lived in the Zor al-Zarqa/Kabbara marshlands near Palestine’s Mediterranean coast. Colonial zoologists had a geographically disproportionate fascination with...


Spread This Like Wildfire!

The mass shooting in Buffalo of May 2022 was sparked by a long history of racialist ideology and weaponized science. Mere recognition from the scientific community is no longer enough; we must organize and mobilize against the right.

Marxism, Science, and Science Studies

From the beginning, Marxism took science extremely seriously, not only for its economic promise in building a socialist society, but also for its revelatory power in understanding the world. Marxism has made the strongest claims of any...

Get Involved with SftP


Science for the People (SftP), the most important radical science movement in US history, arose in 1969 out of the anti-war movement and lasted until 1989. With a Marxist analysis and non-hierarchical governing structure, SftP tackled...


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