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On Killing Crocodiles

At the turn of the twentieth century, a small and dwindling crocodile population lived in the Zor al-Zarqa/Kabbara marshlands near Palestine’s Mediterranean coast. Colonial zoologists had a geographically disproportionate fascination with...

Bleeding Rubber: Extraction as Nation-Making in Liberia

Historian of science Gregg Mitman tells the surprisingly 'American' history of Liberia, revealing the complexity of an imperial and settler-colonial project carried out ostensibly in the name of Black freedom and the scientific...

Springtime for Food Sovereignty

The Arab Spring had an agrarian root, borne out of struggles for food security. Ayeb's and Bush's outstanding work captures this link and steers our imagination and action toward food sovereignty.

Sumud and Sovereignty

UAWC works to empower Palestinian farmers, reinforce their steadfastness (sumud) on the land, and to achieve food sovereignty. They are recently targeted by Israeli occupation and Zionist forces in the West.

University Land Grab, War, and Medical Apartheid

This article is a snapshot from The Mapping Project: a project created by activists and organizers in eastern Massachusetts, investigating local links between entities responsible for the colonization of Palestine, for dispossession, and...

Meet the Contributors

Meet the artists and scientists, writers and organizers, who contributed to our Spring 2022 issue, "The Soil and the Worker."

طاولة مستديرة: مقاومة الإمبرياليَّة التقنيَّة من لوس أنجلس إلى فلسطين

التقت مجموعة التحرير مع منظمي تحالف مكافحة استخبارات شرطة لوس أنجلس  و حركة الشباب الفلسطيني من أجل مقابلة حول نضالنا المشترك ضد الإمبريالية ، استغلال  التكنولوجيا و تواطؤ العلماء و المهنيين التقنيين ، بينما نبتكر مستقبلا تحرريا 

Call for Proposals

March 11, 2024 Science for the People seeks proposals for articles, art, and other content for the upcoming issue on “Palestine” (Volume 26, no. 3, Spring 2024). We see our publication as a platform of the Palestinian...