Organize the Lab: Theory and Practice


As scientists whose labor has a price, and as activists who seek to build a higher form of society (and of science), we have been compelled to reinforce the frontline of class struggle at our own workplaces. 

The editorial collective would like to thank the contributors for their sustained enthusiasm and patience in seeing this project to fruition. We want to especially acknowledge the labor militancy of

GSOC-UAW Local 2110 at New York University (,

UAW Local 4121 at University of Washington (,

COGS-UE 896 at the University of Iowa (,

WUGWU at Washington University in St. Louis (,

GAGE at Georgetown University (

MIT GSU-UE at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (,

SWC UAW Local 2710 at Columbia University (,

which together crystallized into the concrete strategies and inspiring stories presented herein. 

Despite what some may say, history has not ended. Academic STEM workers will continue to organize and gain power. We hope to soon update this work with more editions in the future, as we bear witness to and support nascent collective actions in and out of the lab.

The Editorial Collective
November 2022

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