Chapter and Working Group Reports, Summer 2020: Translation Collective

Chapter and Working Group Reports, Spring 2020: Translation collective

Volume 23, number 2, A People’s Green New Deal

Read more chapter reports in this issue from our Climate Justice Organizing, Philadelphia, and Western Mass.

By Michael Gasser

In December 2019, with the goal of making Science for the People magazine articles and posts on the website accessible to a more diverse audience, a group of eleven SftP members formed a Translation Collective. The Collective has the capacity to translate between English and Spanish, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Korean, Danish, and Amharic.

Science for the People’s “Science Under Occupation” issue (Spring 2020) included three articles translated from English into Spanish and one article translated from English into Arabic. The magazine is now accepting submissions in languages beyond English, starting with the current issue. In these pages, you’ll find two articles written in Spanish, with English translations at We hope to expand our capacity to translate more articles with each issue, and in languages that can reach more People!

If you are interested in joining the Collective, contact