About the Lewontin Memorial Collection

In Memoriam: Richard Lewontin (1929–2021)

Special Collection

Publisher Calvin Wu
Managing Editor Alexandra Adams
Acquisition Editor Erik Wallenberg

Editorial Collective
Aditi Bansal
Amanda Rodríguez-León
Camille Rullán
Claire Ramsay
Edward Millar
Elizabeth Karnaukh
Isadore Nabi
Josh Lalonde
Manu Raghavan
Michael Harris
Miriam Ahmad-Gawel
Nafis Hasan
Thuy Anh Tran
Trude Bennett

Alan Goodman
Dick Clapp
John Vandemeer
Michael Friedman
Vinton Thompson

Last update: July 21, 2021

Call for Contents: If you would like to contribute to this special issue, be it short paragraphs of personal reflection or a long feature discussing Lewontin’s scientific and political legacies, please contact magazine@scienceforthepeople.org. We are accepting articles on a rolling basis.