Special Collection 2022

Organize the Lab: Theory and Practice

Today, science is a billion-dollar enterprise operating through governments, universities, and industries. But like every other productive activity under capitalism, it would not exist without scientists’ labor.

Recent waves of unionization campaigns have shown us that the only way to overcome precarity and oppression, which defines our everyday experience as workers in the lab, is through collective action.

In this collection of essays, written by and for student workers, union organizers, and radical scientists within STEM academia, we seek to understand the structure we set out to change, share strategies for building power through labor organizing, and inspire scientists of all career levels to enact an alternative vision of science.

Edited by Science for the People. Published in 2022 in the United States by People’s Science Network, PO Box 3817, Knoxville, Tennessee, 37927. Printed by Hemlock Printers, Canada.


979-8-9869661-0-6 (Print)
979-8-9869661-1-3 (Digital)


Alexandra Adams, Calvin Wu, Camille Rullán, Chhavi Goenka, Claire Ramsay, Erik Hetzner, Harry August, Iraj Eshghi, Jo Meszaros, Leanne Loo, Lizzy Karnaukh, LM White, Manu Raghavan, Marco Baity Jesi, Marygrace Trousdell, Michael Shannon, Michelle Yuan, Nafis Hasan, Nikki Blazek, Nora Heaphy, Scott Sterrett, Vassiki Chauhan


Amy Saidens, Kevin Ye (e-book)

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