Category - Vol25-1 The Soil and Worker

Sumud and Sovereignty

UAWC works to empower Palestinian farmers, reinforce their steadfastness (sumud) on the land, and to achieve food sovereignty. They are recently targeted by Israeli occupation and Zionist forces in the West.

Stories of Struggle and Strife

Mass farmer suicides in India driven by economic deprivation were examined through the stories of families trying to survive in the aftermath. However, Kota Neelima saw the widows as victims rather than revolutionary agents.

Heading for the Last Roundup

Monsanto and Bayer, with tacit support from the scientific establishment, continue to ignore the serious hazard of glyphosate, the active ingredient of the Roundup weedkiller. The left discourse on GMO and capitalist agriculture must not...

The Perennial Seeds of Zapata

The case of the Zapatistas is one of many Indigenous communities that are adamantly combating environmental degradation caused by the remnants of colonialism and the rise of neoliberalism. Their agricultural practices offer a lesson of...