Category - Vol24-2 Don’t Be Evil

Mr. Roboto, LMSW

The pandemic has spurred the growth of remote/digital care work that further dehumanizes both care workers and people in need of care. The most vulnerable members of our society is shoved into the hands of Mr. Roboto, LMSW.

Rage Against the Machines

To dispel the myth of a utopian vision of technology, we present a feature review of Jason Smith's Smart Machines, Aaron Benanav's Automation and the Future of Work, and Gavin Mueller's Breaking Things at Work.


There’s tar on our hands, / asphalt, pitch, / that carbon-black earth stick / only oil can soften, / then soap. // It came from below...

Marx in Soho: An Epilogue

In 1999, Howard Zinn published Marx in Soho, a play about Karl Marx returning from Heaven to clear his name. The curtain fell in Zinn's imagination. But the story continues here.