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Marxism, Science, and Science Studies

From the beginning, Marxism took science extremely seriously, not only for its economic promise in building a socialist society, but also for its revelatory power in understanding the world. Marxism has made the strongest claims of any...

Se réapproprier la science

A radical perspective of science recognizes that science is an economic activity, controlled, like the rest of society, by forces that we set out to understand and oppose.

Socializar o laboratório

Este artigo oferece uma história crítica do laboratório, elucidando a dialética entre o desenvolvimento da ciência do laboratório e as mudanças socioeconômicas maiores, ou seja, o capitalismo, dirigido e impulsionado pela formação e...


Uncertainty anchors our fear of change, / the sudden awareness of unforeseen circumstances. / We have seen the circumstances. / We have survived them / but many haven’t.