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Science for the People is dedicated to building and promoting social movements and political struggles around progressive and radical perspectives on science and society.

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Science for the People seeks proposals for articles, art, and other content for the upcoming issue, “Bio-Politics” (Volume 23, Number 3, autumn 2020). 

When Science for the People emerged in the late 1960s, the group immediately took on the fight against racism and sexism in the biological sciences, eugenics and biological determinism. This was not the first time that an attempt to revive antiquated colonialist, ableist, sexist, heterosexist, and racist views was implemented under the guise of scientific advances. 

In our current moment, we are again seeing essentialist and determinist views being reinstated with appeals to neuroscience, genomics, and other leading edge developments in scientific research. This issue seeks to expose and explore the ways that modern scientific research is being misused to promote harmful, divisive views, to discuss ways to combat these trends, and interventions to help us move towards inclusive, accurate, science for the people.

Deadline for submissions: Friday, May 8, 2020 

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Submission Guidelines:

Science for the People is soliciting proposals on these subjects from all countries and regions. We compensate authors and artists for their work.

Narrative Content:

We accept proposals for features, short essays, opinions, book and media reviews, and poetry.

Visual and hybrid content:

We accept submissions for photography and photo essays, maps and data visualizations, interactive graphics, illustrations, cartoons, and other artwork.

Science for the People articles are geared toward non-specialists, and are written in a journalistic format. We will consider submissions from scientists across the STEM fields; scholars working in science and technology studies; as well as non-scientists and non-specialists. 

We encourage submissions from activists and those organizing in the sciences, as well as those working in the humanities and arts at the intersection of science. We particularly welcome women, people of color, non-binary individuals, and others traditionally underrepresented in these fields to send submissions to Science for the People.