Beyond the Scope

January 25, 2021

Beyond the Scope

By Max Easton (words) and Lizzie Nagy (artwork)


This comic was produced in collaboration with The Nib.

Max Easton is a writer and former research scientist from Sydney, Australia. He holds a PhD in Chemistry with work focused in the fields of Green Chemistry and Battery Science, and is a volunteer copy editor with Science for the People magazine. His writing has appeared in publications such as the Sydney Review of BooksMeanjin, and The Lifted Brow, and he is the writer and host of the underground music podcast Barely Human. His first novel is due for publication in 2021 through Giramondo Books.

Lizzie Nagy is a Sydney-based comics maker and teacher, who loves to illustrate nonfiction best, because that’s where the good stories are. She likes amateur electronics and tries to solder things when she’s not busy drawing or teaching. Her work has been in The Lifted Brow and The Guardian.


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